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About FatStraps


Steve Panebianco

The FatStraps Back Story

Steve Panebianco, innovator of FatStraps, has been an avid hobbyist since was a kid. Curious about how things work, he's always fixing, building, or taking something apart!

About 20 years ago, Steve fell in love with RC cars and discovered the joys of FPV. Ten years ago, he was introduced to drones and the FPV Community, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Steve took a deep interest in the hobby, he says, "I started learning more and sharing my own knowledge with others on social media and FPV gatherings."

"It was through that knowledge, that I started getting creative and making my own accessories for my quads and drones." 

This "need" to create his own accessories, birthed the creation of the first FatStrap.



Once he decided to make his own headstrap for his goggles, he posted his results online and the popularity for him to make them for others grew quickly.


Steve decided then, that he had to set his product apart from the competition.


So, with comfort and durability his two main factors for design- he set out to create a heavier, 2" military grade strap.


"Since then, I've been getting orders from around the globe! Everyone in the FPV Community who has used our 2" FatStraps swears by them now!"



SO- Strap on a fatty and make yourself STRAP HAPPY PAPPY!

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