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This Strap comes dual sided. This is the Dark Grey Side of the Dual Sided Impulse RC Strap, the inside- unseen when worn, will be the "Light Side" colorful side.

The ultimate strap upgrade for your goggles! FatStraps are comfortable, durable, and available in an array of different styles. 

Select Your Goggle Type and choose your favorite style!

FatShark version is only for HDO2 and later style FatShark goggles, DOES NOT FIT on the Scout or Recon!

All FatStraps are hand-made in the USA from high quality durable components. 

The FatShark version has an elastic fastener strap that inclueds a  stationary battery pouch sewn into the right side that perfectly holds your goggle battery or 18650 case. The DJI version has a removable sliding elastic section that allows you to mount your battery anywhere along the strap, or in your pocket. The new DJI Avata straps have a special snap style strap exclusive to Fatstraps!

The material, fittings, and stitching on these straps are all top notch. More styles on the way!

Impulse RC Dual Sided- Dark Side

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