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We set our shipping fee to $25 for International orders. If your shipping is under $25 when we go to ship your order, the difference will be refunded to you.  Thanks!

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Beyond The Spectrum, Inc.


$10+ Donation :

With a $10 or more donation, Fatstraps will add to your order a special edition 'Rip For Autism' Fatstrap to your order. Please ensure your email between your order and your donation are the same for this promotion. 

All profit from this donation go directly to: 

You can donate directly to the organization
Beyond The Spectrum Direct Donation

If you'd still like a 'Rip For Autism'
Fatstrap sent to you, please send proof of 
$10+ donation, your goggle brand and your address to:

and Fatstrap Steve will send you one directly at no cost to you.

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